Complex web apps that work on your phone and desktop

Browser Wars

Chrome, Internet Explorer, Edge, and Firefox are constantly updating. This custom web design company knows how to keep up.

Responsive Web

It is essential your custom web app looks good everywhere. We can build it once and have full functionality scale across phones, tablets and desktop devices.

Cloud Technologies

We leverage the latest cloud technologies from Microsoft Azure, Amazon Cloud and Rackspace to make sure your apps are available at all times and scale to meet variable demand.


Our applications are built to function across devices of all sizes. Our team knows the pitfalls and benefits of the modern user experience within a touch based world.

Open Source Platforms

We leverage open source platforms to design custom web apps with technology vetted by a vast community of developers and teams.

Single Page Apps

Angular, react, and aurelia are a few examples of the technologies we use to bring full featured, fast and native app like experiences to the web.

Web app development is constantly evolving, we can tame it.

Omnique’s custom web application brings the modern web to a 100+ year old industry.