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Fuelsy's web application brings tech to an antiquated industry


Fuelsy is an online marketplace for buying and selling leads...built by the Hatton Point team. The platform allows sellers to post detailed information about their leads and a patent-pending algorithm recommends a selling price. Buyers are able to search for leads and process payments via credit card to receive access to the lead details. The platform leverages the latest versions of HTML, CSS and Javascript in combination with the Angular and Bootstrap open source frameworks.


As a separate company, project and product from Hatton Point, the Fuelsy team needed to quickly push out a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) with limited budget, in order to validate ideas and gather feedback from end users. This challenge required the team to quickly stand up development environments, streamline the release process and rapidly iterate through the development workflow.


The Hatton Point team chose to leverage Microsoft’s Azure cloud platform to rapidly develop a Fuelsy web application. The Azure cloud allowed the developers to set up continuously deployed environments at the click of a button. As code was completed, the product side of the team could review and provide feedback immediately. Azure allows Fuelsy to scale with the demands of the users and the platform. The developers are able to leverage the right cloud services previously only available to larger platforms. Hatton Point was able to utilize their Microsoft Silver Partner tier to have access to the latest Azure products, information and resources.


The Microsoft Azure cloud platform allowed Fuelsy to launch an MVP within a 6 month time-frame. Fuelsy’s metered growth leverages a low cost, enterprise-level infrastructure without sacrificing performance or future scaling capabilities. The initial cost to market was greatly reduced by minimizing the complexities of standing up traditional bare-metal, on-premise hosting infrastructure and test environments. The development team was able to focus on writing code, not setting up systems. Fuelsy is well equipped to grow from thousands of users to millions with a hosting platform that can scale automatically and a development team that knows how to build for the cloud.

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