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Denton has been either a founder or early team member in seven different startups. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Finance from Colorado State and an MBA from the University of Colorado. If you are from Colorado, you will understand the obvious conflict. Denton owns nine different fly-fishing rods, and admits he may have a fishing problem.

Denton Crofts

Chief Executive Officer

Kristen is our primary project manager as well as a front-end developer. Kristen has experience as a professional marketer, designer, and react developer. In her off time you can find Kristen helping out at her family’s ranch, or riding Peach, her paint horse.

Kristen Burgess

Project Manager / Developer

Bartek moved to Denver all the way from Poland in 2015. He holds a master's degree in Computer Science and has over seven years of experience working with C# and .NET. In his own words, he "works hard to give his dog a better life".

Bartek Flejterski

Senior Developer

Mike has been cultivating his software development career since 2010. He has been fortunate to spend all of that time as a full stack software engineer in his native Colorado. When not coding Mike is a "full stack" musician you can often find playing jazz organ at the local brewery.

Mike Schwartz

Senior Developer

  • Over a decade of .NET
Luddite Credentials:
  • Inactive Twitter account
  • No Facebook profile (ever)
  • Owning a Windows Phone for more than 5 years
Entrance Theme:

Eric Byrd

Senior Developer

Kenny has a Computer Science degree from the University of Denver and an MBA from the University of Chicago. He's been developing full stack applications since 2002. Kenny also loves doing jigsaw puzzles.

Kenny Kaplan

Senior Developer

Ian is a front-end developer that comes from a marketing background. He has extensive experience with SEO and inbound marketing. Ian is also an avid rafter that has involuntarily swum through the largest raftable rapid in North America; Lava Falls.

Ian Lancaster

Growth Engineer / Developer

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